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New Tours Summer 2022

Ghosts & Wild West Tales of Cortez

Take a stroll through Cortez at sunset as we explore the darker history of this supposedly sleepy town. On our walk, you will hear about Cortez's Wild West past, with stories about notorious outlaws like Butch Cassidy, & the Sundance Kid...and some newer criminals too. We will talk about the ghosts hidden in Mesa Verde's beautiful cliff dwellings and how disregarding ancient teachings can bring hauntings to even the most well-meaning archeologist. 

Lavender Farm Tour

Harvest a bundle of lavender and enjoy an outdoor picnic lunch on a small, family farm in Cortez, Colorado.

After a tour of the farm where you will learn about dryland farming practices, the history & uses of lavender you are encouraged to enjoy a picnic lunch with home-made lavender lemonade on the property. If you forgot a picnic - cheese plates are available for purchase! - AVAILABLE JUNE & JULY ONLY

History & Architecture Tour

Imagine Cortez as it was at the turn of the 20th century; feel the dust in the streets and hear the stories of pioneers, Native peoples, cowboys, and gunslingers. In this two-hour walking tour of Cortez, you will hear about the Wild West history of our small town and how that history really never goes away.

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