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Wedding Proposal Ideas Near Mesa Verde National Park

Planning to pop the question in southwest Colorado? Make your life-changing moment magical with these wedding proposal ideas. Don’t forget to ask a friend or hire a photographer to capture this once in a lifetime experience!

Wedding Proposal Ideas and Locations

1. Patrick’s Point in Hawkins Preserve, Cortez, Colorado…at sunrise

Sunrise at Hawkins Preserve in Cortez, Colorado

Why not pop the question at sunrise? Then you’ll have the entire day to celebrate! Check out the map below, or book a surprise sunrise tour with Cortez Tours!

2. The Bridge at Geyser Spring Trail, Dolores, Colorado

a bridge and trail sign at Geyser Spring Trail outside of Dolores, Colorado

This is the perfect proposal spot to surprise the avid hiker. Tell your sweetheart you are going to take them to the only natural geyser in Colorado, and pop the question at the beginning (or the end) of the hike!

Bonus: Arrange to have a photographer hideout on the trail to capture the moment of surprise! (I recommend Cracked Compass, Kara Cavala, Sue Shutterbug, or Kristen Dellinger Photography)

3. Overlooking Carpenter/Geer Natural Area, Cortez, Colorado…at sunset

a rocky hill at sunset in Carpenter Natural Area in Cortez, Colorado

Looking for a beautiful spot close to downtown Cortez to get engaged? The hills around Carpenter Natural Area are easy to get to and absolutely breathtaking at sunset. Make sure to scope out the perfect spot ahead of time, but if you need help contact Cortez Tours (!

4. Any one of the Beautiful Lavender Fields

Two people dancing in a lavender field near Cortez, Colorado
Whistling Squirrel Farm, photo by Sarah Wendlandt, Cracked Compass

Montezuma County is becoming quite the destination for lavender fields. If you want a proposal filled with sweet smelling purple blooms, make sure to plan accordingly: lavender blooms in southwest Colorado in June & July.

Lavender farms near Cortez, Colorado:

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