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Discover Colorado Wine's Best-Kept Secret this National Wine Day!

As glasses clink and corks pop in celebration of National Wine Day, oenophiles around the world are raising a toast to the diverse and vibrant wine regions that grace our planet. While names like Napa Valley or Bordeaux may immediately spring to mind, tucked away in the picturesque landscapes, and astonishing ancient cultures of Colorado lies a hidden gem awaiting discovery by wine enthusiasts: the southwest corner of the Centennial State.

While Palisade and Grand Junction have long been synonymous with Colorado wine enthusiasts, there is a lesser-known but equally charming destination that deserves a moment in the spotlight. Travel a bit further southwest, and you'll find yourself immersed in a forgotten world of small town towns, ancient cliff dwellings, and new, exciting vineyards, and wineries that will be sure to delight the more adventurous wine-bibber!

Nestled below the rugged beauty of the San Juan Mountains and cradled by Mesa Verde National Park and the deserts of New Mexico, this hidden wine region offers a unique terroir that lends itself to the cultivation of exceptional grapes. From the crisp whites that dance on the palate to the robust reds that tantalize the senses, each sip tells a story of resilience, dedication, and the unmistakable spirit of the Southwest.

But it's not just the wine that makes this corner of Colorado a must-visit for wine enthusiasts. It's the immersive experience of sipping wine with the local wine maker and vineyard tender, and taking in the breathtaking views of the Canyons of the Ancients National Monument and Mesa Verde National Park. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or a casual enthusiast, there's something undeniably magical about exploring the wine trails of this hidden oasis.

So, this National Wine Day, why not step off the beaten path and raise a glass to the southwest corner of Colorado? Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery, where every sip is an invitation to uncover the beauty, the flavor, and the untold stories of this hidden gem in the heart of wine country.

Cheers to discovery! Cheers to exploration! Cheers to the Southwest corner of Colorado – where every pour is a celebration of our collective heritage!

Colorado Wine Producers to Visit in the Four Corners

Southwest Colorado’s newest vineyard and winery is run by a geologist and wine enthusiast. Specializing in sparkling wines and with a nod towards the wine nerd, this micro-winery is perfect for the oenophile who wants to explore, experimental learn about the wine they are drinking. If you can, book a tasting in the vineyard - located 10 miles north of Cortez and with incredible views of Mesa Verde National Park and the San Juan Mountains.

While Sutcliffe Vineyards has a tasting room in Durango, it’s a much more rustic experience to visit the vineyards & tasting location in McElmo Canyon, west of Cortez. Located across from Canyons of the Ancient National Monument, and with views of a famous (and potentially haunted rock formation) the landscape of the McElmo tasting room is stunning. With vineyard dogs walking through the tables, and vines growing overhead this trip is sure to delight both your taste buds and your sense of place.

Located on the southern end of Cortez, Colorado this little winery will delight any traveler who likes the local flavor. Owned by an enthusiastic and gregarious man named Jim, you’re sure to laugh as you enjoy these fruit based wines & meads. I recommend the wine slushies - they are a perfect boozy delight on a hot summer day!

A cider company that started in Dolores, Colorado has moved and branched out. They opened a tasting room in Durango, Colorado and have planted a vineyard in the region as well. Locally owned and operated by an incredible husband and wife team, this little tasting room is sure to give you all the delights of what it means to celebrate locally grown wines and ciders!

Want to get a taste for Colorado wines without leaving the building? Durango Winery has an excellent selection of well-known Colorado wines from both the Four Corner region and Palisade, Colorado. Owned by a local husband and wife team, this winery lets you explore the wines of Colorado in comfort and style.

This winery is part of a family farm that has been owned and run by the same family for over 100 years. On a 910-acre ranch this winery will surely give you that old-Colorado feel! With names in honor of family members, this farm is the perfect blend of small-town local charm and the polished, savory taste that you expect with delicious wine!

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