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Listen to Local Podcasts in the Four Corners

As a millennial I LOVE podcasts. I listen to podcast while I'm doing dishes, cleaning the house, weeding the garden, watering the roses, driving in my car and grading student assignments. Basically, I list to podcasts all the time. (Most people I assume I listen to music, since I'm a music teacher, but nope 🤷‍♀️)

We have a couple great podcasts about Mesa Verde Country, written and produced by local experts. If you are visiting southwest Colorado - and especially if you are planning a trip to Mesa Verde National Park, I highly the suggest you listen to the following podcasts:

Mesa Verde Voices Podcast Logo
Mesa Verde Voices

Mesa Verde Voices - this podcast is all about the people who called Mesa Verde & the region surrounding it home before white settlers arrived. Hosted by a former employee of the park it is accessible for all while giving detailed information about how the Ancient Puebloans lived, worked and survived and thrived in this sometimes harsh environment. The best part? Episodes are short - all 15 - 25 minutes long.

Heritage Voices - this podcast is hosted by one of my dear friend, cultural

anthropologist Jessica Yaquinto. Jessica highlights indigenous experts in the field of cultural research & archeology and discusses modern and methods in this field. This can be a more academic podcast, so it might not be the best for families, but if you want to dive deeper into how and why archeology is conducted in the Four Corners - this is by far the best way to learn!

Ancient Voices - this is a pretty short, but informative podcast created by Mesa Verde Country, the tourism wing of town. It's a great introduction to our region and you can listen to most of it as your drive. up to Mesa Verde.

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