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Unforgettable Spring Break Adventure: Mesa Verde National Park and the Canyons and Cliff Dwellings of Southwest Colorado

Spring is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the season than go on an adventure to Mesa Verde National Park and the captivating canyons of Southwest Colorado?

Cortez Tours, Mesa Verde Motel, and Southwest Colorado Canyons Alliance have teamed up to bring you a Spring Break adventure to Mesa Verde Country!

A Comfortable & Spunky Stay at Mesa Verde Motel

The recently re-opened Mesa Verde Motel is a little darling of Mancos, Colorado. Purchased in 2021 by two young couples, the motel has been renovated and rebranded for the modern traveler. with a coffee shop and quickly-becoming-locally-famous whiskey bar attached this spot has everything you need to relax after a day of adventuring! Mesa Verde Motel is within walking distance of the historic downtown of Mancos, so make sure to take some time to explore. "A far out place for human people" this little motel will surely charm and delight you!

picture of two beds at Mesa Verde Motel in Mancos, Colorado

You can learn more about Mesa Verde Motel and the friends that own it at:

And, a travel tip for far-out humans, Room #13 is extra special!

Guided Tours with Cortez Tours

No adventure is completed without a touch of local expertise. As one of the only walking tour companies in southwest Colorado, Cortez Tours offers visitors a local insight into the history, and culture of southwest Colorado. Owned and operated by a former teacher, the tours are a unique blend of entertainment and education, perfect for families of all ages. In this package you can choose from a sunrise tour, nature tour, or ghost tour.

A sunrise over Mesa Verde National Park with a tree in the corner.

Sunrise tours start at dawn at Hawkins Preserve, a 122-acre nature preserve on the edge of Cortez, Colorado. A short hike across a moonlike landscape of sandstone leads you to the edge of a canyon where you will watch the sun rise over the iconic Mesa Verde Plateau. After the sun rises, guests will visit Hawkins Pueblo, an ancient dwelling that pre-dates Cliff Palace by at least 200 years. The nature tour follows the same route as the sunrise tour, just starting a normal time of the day!

The ghost tour starts at dusk in downtown Cortez, and guests will explore the area hearing stories of Cortez's wild west days. After the tours, you are encouraged to stay downtown at eat dinner at one of the many local restaurants, many of which are located in historic buildings.

Explore Ancient Culture and Breathtaking Canyons with Southwest Colorado Canyons Alliance

Your adventure continues with a half-day tour led by Southwest Colorado Canyons Alliance, the official friends group of Canyons of the Ancients National Monument. Choose from one of the following family-friendly excursions:

a cliff dwelling called SaddleHorn Pueblo
Life in the Canyon: Sand Canyon Hike and Hands-On Activities
  • Hike to Saddle Horn Pueblo (2 mile round-trip)

  • Hands-on activities could include geology, plants, pottery pendants, cordage, stories, investigating the past at Castle Rock Pueblo

Livin' At Lowry: Lowry Pueblo Tour and Hands-On Activities
  • Tour Lowry Pueblo and Greathouse

  • Hands-on activities could include plants, animals, pottery pendants, stories, dragonflies, throwing spears with atlatls 

Half-Day at the Museum
  • Tour Canyons of the Ancients Visitor Center and Museum

  • Walk to Dominguez and Escalante Pueblos (1 mile round-trip)

  • Hands-on activities could include Visiting with Respect, Gallery Scavenger Hunt, What Makes a Greathouse, dragonflies, throwing spears with atlatls, pottery pendants

Any of the immersive experiences promises to be a highlight of your Spring Break adventure!

Tailor your adventure with a Personalized Itinerary to Mesa Verde National Park

Cliff palace in Mesa Verde National Park

As part of the Spring Break package, the owner of Cortez Tours will personalize your time at Mesa Verde National Park.  (Entrance fee and ride-along tour guide may be requested for an additional fee.) You will be able to choose from hiking experiences, and less-visited sites in the Park, and our personalized agenda will recommend the best places to get something to eat and the best spots to stop for those all-important family photos! Explore Mesa Verde at your own pace, discovering the ancient cliff dwellings and archaeologic wonders that make this park a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Optional Upgrades for a Truly Extraordinary Experience

Enhance your adventure with optional upgrades, allowing you to tailor your's family experience. Whether it's an extra night (or room) at Mesa Verde Motel, or a full-day tour with Southwest Colorado Canyons Alliance, we have options to make your Spring Break truly remarkable. This is your opportunity to create lasting family memories that will be cherished for years to come.

Book Your Spring Break Adventure to Mesa Verde Country!

Our Spring Break Package is designed for families seeking the perfect blend of adventuring and exploration. Secure your spot now and get ready for an immersive journey through the astounding history and captivating landscape of southwest Colorado.

Call 970-533-7741 to book.

You may also email or for more information.

The Spring Break Package starts at $600.

This package is intended for no more than 5 family-members. Families of more than 5 people will be charged for additional motel rooms and other costs.

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