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Taken at Hawkins Preserve this picture shows sandstone in the foreground dotted with sagebrush and juniper trees and the Sleeping Ute Mountain in the background. A small edge of Mesa Verde sticks out on the left portion of the image.

We Are Cortez Tours

Cortez Tours is locally owned and customer-focused. Cortez Tours is proud to offer a different type of tour in Southwest Colorado (not another rafting company!).  Cortez Tours offers short, educational walking tours that will give you and your group the lay of the land before you head out on your own adventure! Discover. Learn. Explore. Adventure Your Way!

All About CT

Cortez Tours wants to get guests out adventuring and learning on their own. We just give you the local tips, knowledge, and recommendations you need to get started!

Ok, let's be real for a minute. Cortez Tours is still a very small company made of one employee: owner, graphic designer, tour guide & marketers: ME! It's been a journey getting here: in high school I lived in Alaska and had a summer job taking tourists from the cruise ships hiking and biking and told them all about the culture, history, ecology and geology of Alaska. I LOVE learning about all sorts of things, so this kind of job was right up my ally. Fast forward to adulthood: I got my teaching degree (I used to be a band director/music teacher in Shiprock, New Mexico) and needed - once again - a summer job (teachers don't get paid enough). Every tour company in southwest Colorado focused heavily on adventure sports – rafting, jeeping, mountain biking – which I enjoy, but leading those types of tours don't lend themselves to talking about all the things I like talking about. So, I decided to start my own company! Enter: Cortez Tours. 

Cortez Tours  began with the dream to bring alternative tour options to the southwest Colorado. With the tour market already saturated by rafting and jeep trips, Cortez Tours focuses on promises to give guests a  fun, family-friendly and educational walking tours in three hours or less. 

Cortez Tours knows that travelers to southwest Colorado are looking for local and sustainable adventures. We know our guests prefer small groups and personalized conversations. By partnering with other local businesses, Cortez Tours supports economic development in our community. 


We design tours with people like use in mind - folks that want to get out, walk, learn about the area they are visiting, and maybe make a new friend.

Cortez Tours is perfect for anyone fascinated by history, culture, culture, geology, ecology and the natural world. Our tours give you a little bit of everything! We promise you will leave your tour having learned something cool, seen something cool, and knowing the next cool local secret to check out on your adventures in Colorado.

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Sunset over a western landscape with haybales and a rolling irrigation systems. This is a picture of the wild west and farm life.


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