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Why Cortez Tours

Exciting excursions and tours near Mesa Verde, Mancos, Dolores, Cortez and Durango Colorado. Plan your trip now!

Exciting Excursions

Cortez Tours is the perfect place to explore the rich history of the local area.


A local guide will take you on an exciting journey through the past and provide you with a unique perspective of southwest Colorado.

Afforable tours in southwest Colorado. Great for families, couples, history-buffs and curious people. Group discounts available!

Affordable Prices

With all excursions under $30 per person, Cortez Tours has YOU in mind!


Groups booking for 4 or more people get a 10% discount. Enter code "GROUP" at checkout!

Walking tours of Cortez, Colorado near Mancos, Dolores, Durango and Mesa Verde National Park.

Easy to Book

Call us, Text us, Email us or Book online, we like to keep things SIMPLE!

Need to cancel?  Cancel 24 hours before tour start time & you will get a full refund!

Small group tours at affordable prices near Mesa Verde National Park.

Small Groups

We think exploring is best experienced in small groups. Cortez Tours limits excursions to less than 12 people (although usually groups are even smaller!) so we can personalize the tour to YOU!

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