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Do tours include entrance to Mesa Verde National Park 🏞️ ? No. Cortez Tours does not operate in Mesa Verde National Park. All of our tours are located in Cortez, Colorado, about 12 miles from the MV National Park entrance.

What time do tours ⏰ start? Our tours vary with the sunrise & sunset, so please check your email for the EXACT start time of your tour.  In general, sunrise tours start 30 minutes before the scheduled sunrise. (In the summer that means tours usually start around 5:30 AM.)

Can I bring my dog 🐶? Yes! (In most cases, yes). Please let us know ahead of the tour so we may alert other guests.

How long are tours 🥾 ? All Cortez Tours offerings are between 90 minutes to 2 hours longs. We walk between 1 - 2 miles in that time and take lots of breaks.

What if I'm running late ⏰? Please TEXT us at 970-516-7646 if you are running more than 5 minutes late. We cannot wait too long on sunrise tours, since the sun waits for no man!

Can I change my tour time ⌛? In most cases, yes. We can move tour times and days with enough advance notice, free of charge. Tours cancelled outright will only recieve a refund if cancelled 24 hours in advance of the tour start time.

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