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Other Things To Do in Cortez

Easy Mountain Biking Trails

Mountain Bike

Mountain biking doesn't have to be hard...and you don't need to be an expert to enjoy the trails in Mesa Verde Country! Cortez Tour guides aren't the greatest mountain bikers, but we LOVE riding - and we hope you do too! Check out this list of easy to moderate trails for the less extreme bikers.

Hiking in Montezuma Colorado

Enjoying Nature

We want our guests to get outside and enjoy the public lands of southwest Colorado. We've cultivated our favorite trails (from 1-hour strolls to 9-mile treks) just for you!

Mesa Verde Country

A Puebloan ruin in Sand Canyon National Monument.

Are you looking for things to do in southwest Colorado? Check out Mesa Verde Country, your one-stop site for all activities in Montezuma County. From places to eat to do to 10-day itineraries Mesa Verde Country has you covered! And when you are town, stop by the visitor center in Cortez to say "hello"! 

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